About Us

Joy Cranford



  • Business Development
  • Makes recommendations for Home Owners in Crisis Situations
  • Team Cheerleader
  • Analyze costs to maximize returns by improving flip property
  • Negotiate Complex real estate transactions
  • Manage Investment portfolios

Joy Cranford has consulted in the area of accounting and finance for over two decades supporting architects and engineers.  Joy has over a decade of property management experience including managing properties going under rehab. Her passion for real estate and construction began by a mother who was a broker, and a father who was a broker and General Contractor. She shared her parents’ collective love for  construction and real estate, which was heightened by their example of helping others. After personally closing on three properties in a single month in the fall of 2018, small business owners were divinely appointed to make this happen impeccably well without any issues. Joy understands the kind of magic which happens when God brings the right people together.  Joy formed HH Morgan Investments in 2019. Joy has a vision for wanting to make a big impact for the Lord and to follow His will. Because Joy intimately understands many of the kinds of tragedies experienced by many of the homeowners she works with, she embraces opportunities to let the Lord’s light show through her and to make a difference.